As the entire state of California declares a state of emergency, jobs are being cut, and people laid off in the wake of the Corona-virus it is important that we look out for each other.
Social distancing is a critically vital way to slow the spread of the pandemic and a way to save lives. However, this does not mean that we should abandon one another and in fact it means we need to stick by one another even more. Things will be getting worse before they get better.
Presenting: the High Desert Mutual Aid Society. We are a group of community members trying to provide a network of support and care for all members of the High Desert. It is clear by now that our government is failing to help us through this crisis. As they bicker in congress about how much money to bail out big business thousands more are getting infected and hundreds are dying.
Only as a united community can we make it through this crisis. We believe in the principal of mutual aid, the idea of giving what you can and taking what you need.
To this endeavor the Mutual Aid Society will be helping and supporting the community through various aid projects. Currently we are contacting local High Desert hospitals and medical centers to try and provide mask and parts for medical equipment. We are also developing ways to provide aid and services to those that are the most vulnerable.
However, if we are to survive all of this together then we will need to be united community. No one is safe unless all are protected. We call upon those who are willing and able, on those who have the resources and are willing to give to join and help our community.
United together in community and solidarity we can fight this pandemic.
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