Points of Unity for the High Desert Mutual Aid Society
Our Principle of Mutual Aid
 We see the current system of life as inherently exploitative and unjustly favorable to a few rich people. We see that everyday workers create vast amounts of wealth that are removed and taken for the top 1%. We see people fall into poverty and homelessness everyday with no way out.  We believe in a new form of society that sees the basic necessities of life - such as food, water, shelter, healthcare, information, art should be made available to all. We believe that there should be no hunger because Food is a human right, there should be no homelessness because housing is a human right, there should be no deaths from preventable disease because medicine is a human right, and all should be given the means to pursue their passions.
Our goals and programs of Mutual Aid are merely stepping stones for that future where everyone will have the means to live out the lives they see fit. 
Autonomy and Democracy
We believe in respecting the autonomy of individuals and groups and indirect democracy by the people. Our own group is autonomous in the sense that we operate locally and not under the control of a higher more centralized group. We believe in coming together to form a mutual confederation with other groups that think alike or to fight in a common struggle but fiercely defend the localness and uniqueness of groups. 
We are against all forms of oppression and exclusion including Xenophobia, racism, antisemitism, islamophobia, LGBTQ-phobia, White Supremacy, and Colonialism. Furthermore, we are against any discrimination based on ability and believe that no human being is illegal. 
Intersectional solidarity
 We strive to find solidarity with all groups seeking to free themselves from oppression. We embrace Radical Intersectional Feminism, Support LGBTQ Rights, and are anti Racist and anti-colonialism. We stand in solidarity with the Black community against the oppression of the police, we stand in solidarity with the Latinx community against oppression by the state, We stand in solidarity with LGBTQ folks against discrimination, and we stand in solidarity with Indigenous people seeking liberation and self-determination.
We believe in safeguarding the environment against forms of exploitation. We believe in helping and maintaining the environment to be enjoyed by all and heavily advocate for forms of sustainability that will do away with destructive forms of living.
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