We are the High Desert Mutual Aid Society. We are a mutual aid group in the  High Desert community who want to help others through this pandemic and build a better cooperative society. We operate out of Hesperia, Victorville, Adelanto, and Apple Valley as well as other areas of the High Desert.

The current pandemic has worsened a lot of pre-existing issues in society. From families struggling to pay rent, to kids going hungry, and the houseless being abandoned, everyone of us are suffering due to covid-19. As all of this systematic and environmental injustice  has been ignored by our national and local governments. While the people are suffering our leaders fail to offer any relief. When our governments fail, we the people must step up.

The High Desert Mutual Relief Fund will be used for direct aid to the community. We have been providing food, supplies and resources to the community for over a year and we are trying to expand our mutual aid efforts. With more funding we can provide more support  by giving more food and supplies to the houseless and struggling working class people of the High Desert. We also hope to build concrete structures of support such as community pantries and cleaning stations for the houseless.

With your donation we will not only be able to continue the work we are doing, but also expand further cooperative systems in the community

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